Selected works

Hiram Powers – Greek Slave

Hiram Powers
(American 1805-1873)

Bust of the Greek Slave

White marble on a wooden base
Signed: ‘H. POWERS Sculp’
Conceived ca. 1846, this example carved ca. 1850-1870 Height 38 cm (44,5 incl. base)

Adolfo Wildt – Uomo Antico

Adolfo Wildt

(Milan 1868-1931)

Uomo Antico

Bronze, dark green patina on a marble base
Height 55,5 cm


Raffaele Monti – Bust of a veiled Lady

Raffaelle Monti

(Milan 1818–1881 London)

Bust of a veiled lady 

Circa 1860
White marble
Height 71 cm

Prosper d’Epinay – La Ceinture Doree

Prosper d’Epinay
(Mauritius 1836-1914 Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire)

La Ceinture Dorée

Exhibited at the salon in 1874
White marble
Carved ca. 1880
Height 96 cm


Thorvaldsen-Wolff – Pius VII

Bertel Thorvalsen
Emil Wolff

Portrait of Pius VII

Modelled by Thorvaldsen in 1824
Carved by Wolff for Friedrich Wilhelm III in 1825-1826
White marble
Height 67 cm

Workshop of Bertel Thorvaldsen – Bust of Cupid

Workshop of Bertel Thorvaldsen
(Copenhagen 1770 – 1844)

Bust of Cupid

Ca. 1830
White marble
Height 45 cm

Jan Claudius de Cock – Bust of an African boy

Jan Claudius de Cock
(Brussels, 1667 – Antwerp, 1735)

Bust of an African boy, with medallion of the Roman Emperor Juba

Netherlands, late 17th or early 18th century
Height 36 cm

Attilio Selva – Medusa

Attilio Selva

(Triest 1888 – Rome 1970)


Ca. 1916 – 1921
Plaster, dark brown and gold patina
Signed with the monogram ‘AS’
Unedited, probably unique
Height 48,5 cm

Vincenzo Gemito – Self-portrait

Richard Guino
(Girona 1890 – 1973 Anthony)


Ca. 1914
Bronze, black over dark-brown patina
Signed and dated ‘GVINO 1914’ numbered ‘3/8’ and inscribed ‘Susse Fondeur Paris’
Cast in 1988
Height : 54,5 cm

Jules Francheschi – Venus

Louis Julien (Jules) Franceschi
(Bar-sur-Aube 1825 – 1893 Paris)


Ca. 1870
White marble on red marble base
Signed ‘Jules Franceschi’
Height 62,5 cm

Philippe Wolfers – Farandole

Philippe Wolfers
(Brussels 1858 – 1929)


White marble
Signed ‘Ph Wolfers’
Height 33 cm

Lorenzo Vela – Monkey

Lorenzo Vela
(Ligornetto 1812-1897 Milan)

Monkey and a Goose

Milan, ca. 1845-1860
White marble
33 cm, l. 34 cm

Antoine-Louis Barye – Cheval Percheron

Antoine-Louis Barye
(Paris 1795-1875)

Cheval Turc N°2

Bronze, brown patina
Signed ‘Barye’
Cast by Atelier Barye ca. 1874
Height 20 cm

Jean-Jacques Feuchère – Pair of ewers with bats

Jean-Jacques Feuchère
(Paris 1807-1853)

Pair of ewers with bats

Ca. 1834, designed to flank Satan, l’Ange déchu
Bronze, dark brown patina
Height 34cm

Antoine-Louis Barye – Cheval Turc N°2

Antoine-Louis Barye
(Paris 1795-1875)

Cheval Turc N°2

Right front leg raised, square base, ca. 1840
Bronze, dark green patina with red-brown nuances
Signed ‘Barye’, cast by Atelier Barye ca. 1865
28,5 x 31,7 x 12 cm