Selected works

Adolfo Wildt – Uomo Antico

Adolfo Wildt
(Milan 1868-1931)

Uomo Antico

Bronze, dark green patina on a marble base
Height 55,5 cm


Joseph Wilton – Anima Dannata, after Bernini

Joseph Wilton
(English 1722 – 1803, attributed)

Anima Dannata

After Gianlorenzo Bernini (1598-1680)
Mid-18th century
White marble on Nero Portoro marble base
Height 56 cm

Raffaele Monti – Bust of a veiled Lady

Raffaelle Monti

(Milan 1818–1881 London)

Bust of a veiled lady 

Circa 1860
White marble
Height 71 cm

Rudolph Christopher Tegner – Leda and the Swan

Rudolph Christopher Tegner
(Danish 1873 – 1950)

Leda and the Swan

Ca. 1916-1917
Bronze, brown and gilt patina
Signed ‘Tegner’ numbered ‘ 6’and marked ‘La Stèle’ for the editor
Height 39,5 cm

Achille Emile Jacopin – La Source

Achille Emile Jacopin
(Château-Thierry 1874-1958)

La Source

Ca. 1910
White marble
Signed ‘A. Jacopin’
Height: 20 cm

Vincenzo Gemito – Self-portrait

Richard Guino
(Girona 1890 – 1973 Anthony)


Ca. 1914
Bronze, black over dark-brown patina
Signed and dated ‘GVINO 1914’ numbered ‘3/8’ and inscribed ‘Susse Fondeur Paris’
Cast in 1988
Height : 54,5 cm

Richard James Wyatt – Bust of a Nymph

Richard James Wyatt
(London 1795 – 1850 Rome)

Bust of a Nymph

Circa 1835
White marble
Height 50cm

Jules Francheschi – Venus

Louis Julien (Jules) Franceschi
(Bar-sur-Aube 1825 – 1893 Paris)


Ca. 1870
White marble on red marble base
Signed ‘Jules Franceschi’
Height 62,5 cm

Philippe Wolfers – Farandole

Philippe Wolfers
(Brussels 1858 – 1929)


White marble
Signed ‘Ph Wolfers’
Height 33 cm

Rembrandt Bugatti – Petit Jaguar Marchant

Rembrandt Bugatti
(Milan 1884 – 1916 Paris)

Petit Jaguar Marchant

Ca. 1911
Bronze, brown patina
Signed ‘R Bugatti’, numbered ‘10’ and stamped with the foundry mark A.A. Hebrard Cire Perdue
Length 39,4 cm

Rembrandt Bugatti – Jument et son Poulain

Rembrandt Bugatti
(Milan 1884 – 1916 Paris)

Jument et son Poulain

Bronze, brown patina
Signed ‘R Bugatti’, numbered ‘6’ and stamped with the foundry mark A.A. Hebrard Cire Perdue
39,3 x 59,5 x 24 cm

Mateo Hernandez – Young deer

Mateo Hernandez
(Spanish 1884 – 1949)

Young deer

Black granite
Signed and dated ‘Mateo Hernandez, Talla directa, 1919’
Carved ‘en taille directe’ 1919
27.4 x 44.7 x 11.4 cm

Alexander Archipenko – Floating Torso with Head

Alexander Archipenko
(Kiev 1887 – 1964 New York)

Floating Torso with Head

Ca. 1935
Plaster, black patina
Signed ‘Archipenko’
Cast ca. 1935-1950
33 x 39,9 x 10,8 cm

Lucio Fontana – Concetto Spaziale

Lucio Fontana
(Italian, 1899-1968)

Concetto Spaziale

Ceramic, metallic glaze
Signed L. Fontana
Diameter 44 cm

Francisco Zúñiga – Hamaca

Francisco Zúñiga
(Mexican, 1912-1998)


Signed and dated ‘Zuniga 1960’
22,9 x 18,4 x 36,2 cm

Marguerite-Anne de Blonay – Cameleon

Marguerite-Anne de Blonay
(Zinswiller 1897 – Marchais-en-Brie 1966)


Circa 1930
Wood, carved en taille directe
Signed ‘A.M. de Blonay’
Height 34cm

Antoine-Louis Barye – Theseus slaying the Minotaur

Antoine-Louis Barye
(Paris 1795-1875)

Theseus slaying the Minotaur

Second version ca. 1857
Bronze, brown-green over red patina
Signed ‘Barye’
Cast by Atelier Barye between 1857 and 1875
Height 45 cm

Joseph Bernard – Danseuse nue

Joseph Bernard
(Vienne 1866-1931 Boulogne-sur-Seine)

Danseuse nue

Ca. 1905
Bronze, brown patina
Signed ‘J. Bernard’, numbered ‘5’, and with the foundry seal ‘A.A. Hébrard’
Cast ca. 1910
Height 32,7 cm

Ecorché – French, 18th century

French, 18th century


Bronze, dark brown patina,
on Sienna marble base

Jean-Jacques Feuchère – Satan, l’Ange déchu

Jean-Jacques Feuchère
(Paris 1807-1853)

Satan, l’Ange déchu

1833, exhibited at the salon in 1834 (plaster) and 1835 (bronze)
Bronze, brown patina
Signed and dated ‘J. Feuchère 1833’
Cast ca. 1840
Height 33,8 cm

Jean-Jacques Feuchère – Pair of ewers with bats

Jean-Jacques Feuchère
(Paris 1807-1853)

Pair of ewers with bats

Ca. 1834, designed to flank Satan, l’Ange déchu
Bronze, dark brown patina
Height 34cm

Georges Moreau de Tours – Didon portée aux Enfers

Georges Moreau de Tours
(French 1848-1901)

Didon portée aux Enfers

Exhibited at the Salon in 1927
Oil on canvas, 204 x 283 cm
Signed l.l. ‘Georges Moreau de Tours’