Notable sales

Jean Escoula – La Douleur

Jean Escoula
(French 1851-1911)

La Douleur

Exhibited 1897
Signed ‘ J. Escoula’
Height 52,5 cm

Lorenzo Bartolini – La Carità Educatrice

Lorenzo Bartolini
(Florence 1777-1850)

La Carità Educatrice

Exhibited at the Salon in 1824
White marble
Carved ca. 1840
Height 190,5 cm

Lawrence MacDonald – Hyacinthus

Lawrence MacDonald
(Findo Gask 1799-1878 Rome)


White marble
Signed and dated L. MACDONALD SCULP, ROMA, 1842
Height 141 cm

Filippo Gnaccarini – Prometheus

Filippo Gnaccarini
(Rome 1804-1875)


Ca. 1823
White marble
Carved by the artist, ca. 1835-1841
Height 80,5 cm, width 126 cm, depth 62 cm

François Pompon – François Pompon

François Pompon
(Saulieu 1855-1933 Paris)

Ours Blanc

Plaster exhibited 1922
Lens stone
Signed Pompon
Height 24cm

Aristide Maillol – La Pudique

Aristide Maillol

La Pudique

Pink patinated terracotta, press moulded by the artist
Signed with the monogram ‘M’
Height 16,4 cm

Raffaelle Monti – Eve after the Fall

Raffaelle Monti
(Iseo 1818 – 1881 London)

Eve after the Fall

Exhibited World Exhibition London 1851
White marble
Signed “R. Monti”
Height 81 cm

Vincenzo Gemito

Vincenzo Gemito
(Napoli 1852-1929)

Bust of Il Filosofo

Ca. 1883
Silver, patinated
Signed ‘V. Gemito’
Height 52,5 cm

Giovanni Maria Benzoni – Flora and Zephyr dancing

Giovanni Maria Benzoni
(Sagnavazzo 1809 – 1873 Rome)

Flora and Zephyr dancing

Exhibited at the Great Exhibition in London in 1862
White marble
Signed, placed and dated ‘G.M. Benzoni F. Roma 1861
Height 170 cm

Hiram Powers – Proserpine

Hiram Powers
(American 1805-1873)


White marble
Signed: ‘ H. POWERS Sculp’
This example carved ca. 1870
Height 62,3 cm

Thorvaldsen-Wolff – Pius VII

Bertel Thorvalsen
Emil Wolff

Portrait of Pius VII

Modelled by Thorvaldsen in 1824
Carved by Wolff for Friedrich Wilhelm III in 1825-1826
White marble
Height 67 cm

Richard James Wyatt – Nymph entering the bath

Richard James Wyatt
(London 1795 – 1850 Rome)

Nymph entering the bath

Circa 1834
White marble
Height 155 cm