Notable sales

Hiram Powers – Proserpine

Hiram Powers
(American 1805-1873)


White marble
Signed: ‘ H. POWERS Sculp’
This example carved ca. 1870
Height 62,3 cm

Jean Escoula – La Douleur

Jean Escoula
(French 1851-1911)

La Douleur

Exhibited 1897
Signed ‘ J. Escoula’
Height 52,5 cm

Lorenzo Bartolini – La Carità Educatrice

Lorenzo Bartolini
(Florence 1777-1850)

La Carità Educatrice

Exhibited at the Salon in 1824
White marble
Carved ca. 1840
Height 190,5 cm

Lawrence MacDonald – Hyacinthus

Lawrence MacDonald
(Findo Gask 1799-1878 Rome)


White marble
Signed and dated L. MACDONALD SCULP, ROMA, 1842
Height 141 cm

François Pompon – François Pompon

François Pompon
(Saulieu 1855-1933 Paris)

Ours Blanc

Plaster exhibited 1922
Lens stone
Signed Pompon
Height 24cm

Louis Moritz – Zeus halts the chariot of Diomedes and Nestor with a bolt of lightning

Louis Moritz
(Dutch 1773-1850)

Zeus halts the chariot of Diomedes and Nestor with a bolt of lightning

(From Homer’s Iliad)
Circa 1810
Oil on canvas 100 x 82 cm

Filippo Gnaccarini – Prometheus

Filippo Gnaccarini
(Rome 1804-1875)


Ca. 1823
White marble
Carved by the artist, ca. 1835-1841
Height 80,5 cm, width 126 cm, depth 62 cm

Raffaelle Monti – Eve after the Fall

Raffaelle Monti
(Iseo 1818 – 1881 London)

Eve after the Fall

Exhibited World Exhibition London 1851
White marble
Signed “R. Monti”
Height 81 cm

Vincenzo Gemito

Vincenzo Gemito
(Napoli 1852-1929)

Bust of Il Filosofo

Ca. 1883
Silver, patinated
Signed ‘V. Gemito’
Height 52,5 cm

Benzoni – Bacchus

Giovanni Maria Benzoni
(Sagnavazzo 1809 – 1873 Rome)


White marble
Signed G.M. Benzoni F.A. 1851 Roma
Height 71 cm